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UPI: Pensioners in Ireland have died and spent more than a year in different rooms of their house

Police officers in Ireland have discovered the bodies of an elderly couple who have died and spent more than a year lying in different rooms of their house. About it informs news agency UPI.

According to investigators, the 82-year-old Nicholas Smith and his 79-year-old wife, Hilary, may have passed away in November or December 2020. Around this time, pensioners, who led a fairly secluded lifestyle, were seen for the last time. The couple was originally from England, but after retiring, they moved to Ireland, where they bought a house.

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Local residents became suspicious when they noticed that no one had driven the couple’s car for a long time, and their garden was overgrown with weeds. They contacted the police. At the same time, some neighbors suggested that the couple had returned to England during the pandemic.

In the end, law enforcement officers entered the house and found the bodies of the spouses there. They were in different rooms.

The police are not considering a criminal version of the couple’s death and have not found any signs of outsiders breaking into the house. Investigators are trying to establish whether COVID-19 caused the death of the spouses.

Previously reportedthat the police in the Italian city of Como found the mummy of a pensioner who died two and a half years ago and sat at the table all this time. The police came to the house of a 70-year-old Italian woman, as a strong wind could knock down neglected trees in her garden.

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