The doctor dispelled the myth about the harmlessness of vapes Russian news EN

Otolaryngologist Zaitsev said that the use of vapes leads to oncology

Otolaryngologist, doctor of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences Vladimir Zaitsev in conversation with dispelled the myth of the safety of electronic cigarettes. According to him, vape lovers are bound to face health problems sooner or later.

“The story is that chronization (the appearance of a chronic disease is approx. “”) will definitely come. It’s just that it will come softer, and this is supposedly more pleasant, but it will be more pronounced. This person will not stop. When he uses vapes, he does not understand that it is dangerous. This is the main catch, ”said the specialist.

The doctor noted that the use of hovering devices can also eventually lead to oncology. According to him, the oncological process can originate in the mucous membrane, in the bronchi, or in the lungs.

Previously Rospotrebnadzor discovered a drug against scabies mites, as well as a number of other toxic substances in a smoking mixture for vaping containing salt nicotine. The department clarified that plant metabolites, components of cleaning products and perfumes, air fresheners and other chemicals were also found in nicotine-containing products. There was no information about their presence on the label.

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