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Josep Borrell says EU stockpiles of military equipment are depleted due to aid to Ukraine

Stockpiles of military equipment of countries European Union (EU) exhausted in connection with the provision of assistance to Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the EU Foreign Service Josep Borrellwrites TASS.

“The depletion of stocks as a result of the military support we have provided to Ukraine is the most obvious example of our shortcomings. [обороны ЕС]”, he noted.

Borrell also urged the EU to take responsibility for its own security. In his opinion, the European Union should create its own European armed forces.

The new security environment demonstrates that the EU must take more responsibility for its own security. To do this, we need a modern and interoperable European military that will have a higher level of spectrum and will seek to build up capabilities and forces.

Josep BorrellHead of EU diplomacy

Help from Europe

12 May Borrell proposed EU member states to increase the amount of funding for military assistance to Ukraine up to two billion euros.

According to Bloomberg, the funds will be allocated from the European Peace Fund, but this plan has not yet been agreed. It is expected that the proposal for the allocation of funds will be included in the agenda of the next meeting of EU foreign ministers.

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Since the beginning of March, the EU has allocated 1.5 billion euros from the fund to Ukraine for the purchase of weapons and military equipment. In addition, many countries in the community have provided weapons on a bilateral basis.

Borrell named supplies of weapons to Ukraine necessary. He stated that the EU is not a military union, but a civil one.

But now we need to resist the war, and therefore it should be our first priority to help Ukraine resist the invasion of its powerful neighbor.

Josep BorrellHead of EU diplomacy

According to him, assistance should consist not only in the supply of weapons, but also in the provision of “economic, commercial, diplomatic, financial pressure on Russia in order to weaken its economy.” “I don’t understand those who say we shouldn’t arm Ukraine because that would prolong the war,” he said.

US help

May 21, in White House press office reportedthat the President of the United States Joe Biden signed a bill to allocate a package of additional assistance to Ukraine for a record amount of approximately $40 billion. The bill provides for the allocation of funds for military, economic and humanitarian assistance Kyiv.

Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declaredthat a new United States aid package would allow Ukraine to open the port of Odessa. According to him, this will avoid a food crisis caused by grain delays.

The Ukrainians are trying to go on the offensive. And I think that this weapons package is designed to give them what they need now, not only to win a ground war, but hopefully have some impact on reopening the port of Odessa, because the lack of Ukrainian food will be reflected throughout the Middle East and Africa

Mitch McConnellRepublican Minority Leader in the United States Senate

At the same time US Department of Defense refused confirm the data on the planned transfer to Kyiv of the American anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) Patriot as part of military assistance to Ukraine for 40.1 billion dollars.

We do not have any additional information other than what is available in the transcripts of high-ranking representatives of the Department of Defense and the Pentagon press secretary.

US Department of Defense

Opponents of aid to Ukraine

The response to the initiative to allocate additional assistance in the United States was ambiguous: its opponents argue that the government of the country should primarily be guided by the interests of the American people, and not transfer funds “without verification and discussion.”

So, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul declaredthat US multibillion-dollar aid to Ukraine threatens American security. According to him, the country’s economy is not in the best condition anyway.

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The politician noted that earlier the US authorities had already spent almost five trillion dollars to fight the coronavirus infection. He drew attention to the fact that inflation reached a 40-year high in March. In particular, gasoline prices have risen by 48 percent compared to last year, used cars have risen in price by 35 percent, and food by almost 9 percent.

Also former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard statedthat Biden may be defeated in the future because of the policy towards Ukraine. She believes that the administration of the head of state failed to determine what tasks the country faces in the conflict with Russia.

We can look at Afghanistan and Iraq – a very recent example of what happens when you don’t have a specific mission.

Tulsi GabbardFormer member of the US Congress

Gabbard believes that Americans, who are faced with high inflation and rising prices for basic necessities, have the right to know what the price of aid to Ukraine is.

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