The EU has developed a plan to buy Russian gas without violating sanctions Russian news EN

Bloomberg announced the development of a plan in the EU to buy Russian gas without violating sanctions

European Union (EU) intends to offer gas importers a solution that allows them not to violate sanctions when buying fuel in Russia and at the same time “effectively satisfy” the requirements put forward by the Russian president Vladimir Putin about payment in rubles, writes Bloomberg citing sources.

According to the publication, the EU has developed a plan to buy Russian gas without violating sanctions. European Commission wants to indicate: companies must make a clear statement that when paying in euros or dollars under existing contracts, they consider their obligations fulfilled. The EU’s executive body told governments in closed session that management is not preventing companies from opening bank accounts Gazprombank and allow them to buy gas in accordance with the sanctions.

“Another key point is that once European companies have made a payment in euros or dollars and declare their obligations fulfilled, no further action should be required from the Russian side regarding the payment,” the publication clarified.

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Previously reportedthat 20 European companies opened accounts with Gazprombank to pay for gas. In addition, another 14 companies made a request to provide the necessary data for the further opening of accounts with Gazprombank.

Under the new rules, European companies are required to open foreign currency accounts with Gazprombank. After that, he will begin to convert euros and dollars into Russian currency on the open market and settle accounts with the main gas supplier – Gazprom.

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