The European Union will additionally allocate € 500 million to Ukraine for military assistance

Delivery of weapons to Ukraine

Delivery of weapons to Ukraine (File photo)

©Air Force Staff Sgt. Marco Gomez/

The EU Foreign Ministers agreed on the allocation of additional funds to Kyiv. The amount of approved assistance amounted to €500 million, said the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

“Thus, the total amount of military assistance will be two billion (euros)”, – said Borrell. As the diplomat emphasized, the allocated funds are only “the tip of the iceberg”, notes RIA Novosti. In fact, the assistance that EU countries provide to Ukraine is much more, he pointed out.

It was previously reported that members The EU has not yet paid compensation for the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The European Union supplies military aid through the European Peace Fund (EPF). This organization estimates the cost of weapons sent to Kyiv, and then determines the amount of compensation for state budgets.

A source in the governing bodies of the EU said that so far not a single European country has been able to receive compensation from the EPF, although three tranches of assistance have already passed through the fund. At the same time, the procedure for evaluating military assistance has not yet been approved.

It was clarified that over the past 10 weeks Kyiv received from the European Union aid for €4 billion.

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