The Federation Council supported the ban on the possession of property by officials in NATO countries

Federation Council of the Russian Federation
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The Federation Council supported a bill that would ban officials and parliamentarians from owning any real estate in the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. Senator Olga Kovitidi spoke about this.

A bill banning State Duma deputies, senators and ministers from owning real estate in NATO countries (including candidates for joining the Alliance) was previously prepared by deputies of the Communist Party faction, reports RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the third of August.

“The draft law submitted to the State Duma meets the interests of Russia’s national security. The document is understandable to people, it is a timely and logical step in the development of policy within the framework of the systemic sovereignization of state power and administration in Russia,” Senator Olga Kovitidi commented on the draft.

This is not the first bill concerning control over the costs of civil servants, heads of budgetary institutions and state corporations. Previously the corresponding amendments were developed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation.

If the bill is passed, school directors, chief physicians of medical institutions, heads of kindergartens and nurseries will be required to report on their expenses, as well as on the expenses of spouses and minor children.

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