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Washington Post: G7 countries are looking for alternative routes to transport Ukrainian grain

The foreign ministers of the G7 (G7) countries spoke about the need to establish maritime export routes for Ukrainian grain and agricultural products, writes The Washington Post.

As politicians clarified, Ukrainian grain is important for providing the world with food. German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock after the meeting of the G7 countries at a press conference on Saturday, May 14, she made a statement that the G7 is looking for alternative routes for transporting grain from Ukraine.

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According to the publication, some countries are considering India as an alternative source of grain, but it has banned the export of wheat, citing its own problems with food security.

Previously reportedthat almost 25 million tons of grain cannot be exported from Ukraine due to logistical problems – in particular, the closure of the Black Sea ports. According to the International Grains Council (IGC), before the start of the special operation, Ukraine was the fourth largest producer of corn in the world and ranked sixth in the supply of wheat.

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