The German Finance Ministry opposed the confiscation of property of Russians in favor of Ukraine

The head of the Ministry of Finance of Germany against the confiscation of property of Russians

German Finance Minister German Finance Minister


Berlin is open to EU proposals to seize state assets of the Russian Federation in favor of Ukraine, but believes that the consequences of the confiscation of the property of Russians who fell under the sanctions may be too serious. This was announced on Sunday, May 22, by German Finance Minister Christian Linder.

“Countries based on the rule of law guarantee the inviolability of private property. The difficulties associated with confiscation are extremely high,” the minister said. In his opinion, Russian businessmen need to be persuaded “to contribute to the payment of reparations to Ukraine on a voluntary basis,” writes The Financial Times. On this occasion, Linder proposed to hold a political discussion.

Earlier, Lindner said that at the G7 meeting, which was held in Germany on May 20, the topic of confiscation of Russian state assets was raised. The minister stressed that this can only be discussed in the light of “state property”, but not private property. On May 14, German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock said that it was not easy to transfer Russian assets frozen in the country to Ukraine, as Kyiv demands.

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