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Daily Star: the girl took revenge on the guy for cheating on vacation by throwing clothes in the pool

A TikTok user posted a video in which her friend decided to take revenge on her ex-lover in an unexpected way. The couple was vacationing in Egypt when the girl found out about the betrayal of her boyfriend during his recent trip with friends to Ibiza, informs Daily Star.

In the video, an angry girl was dragging a suitcase and yelling at a young man. After that, she unpacked her suitcase next to the pool and started throwing his clothes into the water. The guy was angry with his partner and began to shout at her, expressing the hope that she would be kicked out of the hotel.

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TikTok users supported the girl and appreciated her way of revenge. They also suggested that she throw all her gadgets, valuables, and the traitor’s plane ticket into the water.

However, after being caught in betrayal, the boyfriend began to claim that he had not cheated on the heroine of the video at all. He revealed that he actually broke up with her before the trip to Ibiza, but they had already booked a trip to Egypt, so they decided to vacation together as friends.

Previously reportedthat the girl decided to take revenge on her former lover and achieved his arrest and detention for 81 hours. She created 30 fake accounts and wrote dozens of threatening messages to herself from each of them, ostensibly on behalf of her ex-partner.

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