The governor of Sevastopol explained the non-participation of Admiral Osipov in the holidays on May 13: Crimea: Russia:

Mikhail Razvozhaev: Osipov is now on duty, and he has no time for congratulations

Governor Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev explained why the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Osipov did not participate in the celebrations in honor of the 239th anniversary of the fleet. About it informs RBC with a link to the politician’s Telegram channel.

“Our Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Vladimirovich Osipov, is now at a combat post, and of course he is not in the mood for social networks and congratulations, but I’m sure he and our Black Sea people feel our support!” Razvozhaev wrote.

Festive events in honor of the 239th anniversary of the founding of the Black Sea Fleet were held on Friday, May 13. A concert “in support of the Navy and a special military operation” was held on Nakhimov Square in Sevastopol with the participation of Russian pop stars.

Previously reportedthat in Sevastopol, after restoration, they opened the diorama “Storming the Sapun Mountain on May 7, 1944”, dedicated to the heroic defense and liberation of the city. The diorama reflects the decisive moment of taking the last frontier during the liberation of the city from the Nazi invaders.

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