The granddaughter of a 96-year-old Italian shared the secret of her grandmother’s longevity

Grandma's health secret

A relative of 96-year-old Italian Pasqualina from Italy said that the secret of her grandmother’s longevity is sugar-free jelly. About it according to Eat This, Not That!.

It is noted that the centenarian regularly eats lupine beans, said the woman’s granddaughter. These are the seeds of yellow leguminous plants of the genus Lupinus. They are rich in fiber, which can effectively lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. And as a dessert, Pasqualina uses sugar-free jelly.

“Jelly is made up primarily of gelatin, which is high in protein. For example, 100 grams of dry gelatin powder contains over 85 grams of protein, according to the USDA,” said the 96-year-old Italian granddaughter.

In addition, the girl said that her long-lived grandmother loves tuna salad, which is rich in omega-3s. The substance takes an active part in the metabolic processes of the body, and also serves to prevent atherosclerosis.

Angela Gutor, a resident of Italy, who celebrated her 107th birthday two years ago, described an easy way, who helped her achieve longevity. She admitted that she tries not to be nervous, stay busy and eat one orange daily.

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