The guy revealed the secret plans of his sister and changed his mind about inviting her to the wedding

User Reddit shared a story about how he revealed his sister’s secret plan and changed his mind about inviting her to his wedding. The groom said that the girl was going to secretly bring their mother to the celebration, with whom he did not communicate because of her betrayal of her father.

“I have not been in contact with my mother for 10 years. We haven’t spoken a word in all these years. She is still trying to write to me, but I immediately block her, ”the author wrote and explained that he found his mother with another man when he was 13 years old. Then the woman asked him not to tell his father about what had happened, but the hero of the story did not fulfill her request. Shortly thereafter, the narrator’s parents divorced.

The author’s sister, in turn, maintained a strong relationship with her mother and her new man. “My sister and I stopped talking when I went to college,” added the hero of the story.

“A year ago, my sister invited me and my fiancee to her wedding. After that, we became close again, ”he said. After a while, he learned from his sister’s husband that she planned to secretly bring her mother to her brother’s wedding. Then the guy called his sister and said that he could no longer trust her, and said not to come to the celebration.

“My girlfriend is mad because my sister was one of the bridesmaids and thinks I should give her another chance,” wrote the author of the post. In addition, he learned that his future wife also communicated with his mother. “My fiancée always pushed me to talk to my mother,” he concluded.

In the comments under the post, many users shared their stories about how uninvited relatives came to their weddings. According to them, years later, the presence of such guests was the only thing they regretted. Many also felt that the author should talk to the bride that she does not respect his boundaries and forcibly forces him to get closer to his mother.

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