The head of the German regulator allowed the cessation of gas supplies from Russia via Nord Stream

Nord Stream
©Collage / Stefan Sauer / dpa / Global Look Press / Shutterstock / Fotodom

The head of the Federal Network Agency of Germany, Klaus Müller, admits that it is possible to stop the supply of Russian gas through the Nord Stream pipeline to Germany. He stated this on the air of the German TV channel ARDanswering the corresponding question of the journalist.

“We cannot rule it out,” Muller said. He added that this is why the gas regulator is studying various scenarios, reports TASS June 24. “Most of the scenarios are not very pleasant and mean either too little gas at the end of winter, or a very difficult situation in autumn or winter,” said the head of the German Federal Network Agency.

Müller urged the Germans to save energy, noting that everyone can contribute. It could be “sweater, shower head, slight heat reduction”. “All this will help,” he said. The official also urged to prepare for the fact that consumer prices could double or triple.

Prior to this, Muller said that even in the event of a full filling of gas storage facilities in Germany there will be enough reserves of blue fuel only for 2.5 months of winter taking into account the reduction in Russian gas supplies. Then the gas tanks will be empty. He stressed the tense situation with gas supplies to Germany.

Earlier, the German government expressed fears that Russia could completely stop gas supplies to the country during the maintenance of the Nord Stream pipeline. In June, Gazprom cut gas supplies due to equipment problems. Difficulties with pipeline deliveries are forcing the FRG to buy the missing volumes of gas on the spot market at higher prices.

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