The issue of purchasing Turkish armored vehicles will be considered based on the results of tests – Ministry of Defense

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan has commented on the possibility of acquiring Turkish-made armored wheeled vehicles, Kazinform correspondent reports.

“The statement of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP A. Barysov that the Minister of Defense said the phrase: “You guys have a rest, we will take from the Turks” is not true and is unsubstantiated. The Ministry of Defense constantly monitors the arms and military equipment market. The procedure for adopting samples for service is clearly regulated by the rules for adopting weapons, which are an official normative act. As for Turkish cars, they are also being studied in accordance with the procedure defined by the document,” the agency’s official commentary says.

The Ministry of Defense assures that the issue of purchasing Turkish armored vehicles will be considered only if a positive decision is made by the interdepartmental advisory body based on the results of the tests.

“The Ministry of Defense does not have information about which countries are considering the purchase of products of Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP, whether there are agreements of intent with foreign customers,” the ministry notes.

As an argument, the Ministry of Defense cites the following facts.

“The military department of Kazakhstan unilaterally supported the production of Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP. Since 2016, 138 Arlan armored vehicles have been purchased. In 2021, service maintenance was carried out on 60 units delivered in 2017-2018. In 2022, 10 more units with a combat module and 20 Arlan armored vehicles will arrive in 2023. Therefore, the information that only 6 cars have been ordered is unreliable,” the response says.

Thus, according to the calculations of the Ministry of Defense, by the end of 2023, the total number will reach 168 units.

“In addition, together with KPI LLP, issues are being worked out on the creation of artillery fire control vehicles and radiation, chemical, biological reconnaissance vehicles in the interests of the Armed Forces. We also note that the acquisition of weapons and military equipment in the interests of the army, including armored vehicles, is carried out taking into account financial capabilities in accordance with priorities,” the ministry added.

Earlier, information was published in the media, in which the head of the Association of enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Kazakhstan, Aibek Barysov, stated that in total, the defense department purchased only 6 vehicles from a domestic manufacturer.

The speaker expressed incomprehension over the fact why the Ministry of Defense prefers Turkish vehicles, despite the high quality of domestically produced vehicles.

According to Barysov’s statement, “if the previous minister lobbied for the interests of the Russian defense industry, then in the actions of the new one one can trace the interest towards Turkish companies.”


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