The last “commercial” MREO closed in St. Petersburg – City – Saint-Petersburg News

In the Vyborgsky district, the last “commercial” inter-district registration and examination department (MREO) of the traffic police in St. Petersburg was closed. For the first time such units began to appear in the city in the 90s.

“At that time, there were 38 official “sites” for the placement of MREO. Under the pretext that such a volume is not enough to provide services to the population, and there are no state-owned opportunities to increase capacity, it was decided to create a system of so-called “commercial” MREO,” the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region said on May 14.

Firms provided their premises with the necessary office equipment for traffic police officers free of charge. They benefited from income from intermediary activities. For example, clients paid for the preparation of a package of documents in order to avoid queues.

After the introduction of strict temporary standards for obtaining public services, accelerated procedures in “commercial” MREOs became less and less attractive. The expediency of the existence of such units began to be questioned.

“The leadership of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia gave a negative assessment to this practice and decided to eliminate the system of “commercial” MREO. It was decided to meet the needs of the population in public services by optimizing the distribution of traffic police personnel, opening additional reception windows in state MREOs and building new “sites”, ”added the head office.

On Wednesday, May 11, the last “commercial” department, which was located in Upper Lane, 5, ceased its activities. The very next day, the MREO STSI No. 1 began work in a new building on Prokofiev Street.

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