The Ministry of Defense announced the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to blow up a hospital in Kharkov Russian news EN

Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian military plan to blow up a children’s city hospital in Kharkiv

Ukrainian military plan to blow up the first children’s city hospital Kharkov and blame the Russian army for this. This was stated by the chief National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation colonel general Mikhail Mizintsevtransmits RIA News.

According to him, the fighters of the nationalist battalion “Kraken” and the 113th Territorial Defense Brigade “under the threat of execution forcibly bring medical personnel and sick children from other medical institutions in the city.” At the same time, the building itself has already been mined, and can be blown up simultaneously with the start of Russian troops’ artillery strikes on military facilities in Kharkov.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense specified that specialists of the 72nd Center for Information and Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing the provocation. He added that correspondents from leading Western news agencies had already arrived in Kharkiv to prepare fake photo and video materials.

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