The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed the work of the army aviation fire support group

Combat work of the fire support group of the army aviation of the Western Military District

Army Aviation Fire Support Group

© Ministry of Defense of Russia

During a special operation in Ukraine, the helicopter crews of the aviation of the Russian Armed Forces constantly cover the columns of the Russian military from the air, providing them with fire support. On Sunday, May 15, the Russian Ministry of Defense showed a video showing the work of aviation in the Western Military District.

As indicated in the Russian military department, the pilots of the Mi-8 multi-purpose helicopters go on air patrol routes several times a day, reports RIA News. “They perform group flights at low and extremely low altitudes,” the Defense Ministry added. As one of the snipers of the fire support team clarified, the crew accounts for “an average of two sorties per day.”

Mi-8 crews carry out visual reconnaissance, the Defense Ministry said. If during its course military installations, any equipment or reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the enemy are discovered, they are destroyed. In addition, the crews of fire support teams help with the evacuation of civilians.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that Russian aviation destroyed an American-made air defense station in Ukraine. She was in the Kharkov region.

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