The Ministry of Education told how the ceremony of raising the flag of the Russian Federation in schools will be held

Schoolchild against the background of raised flags of Russia

The ceremony of raising the national flag of Russia in educational organizations will be held weekly, weather permitting. The standard for the ceremony was determined by the Ministry of Education.

According to TASS informationthe hoisting of the national flag will be carried out on the first day of each academic week before the first lesson or training session in general education and vocational educational institutions.

At the same time, when choosing a place for the ceremony, latitudinal and climatic conditions, the specifics of the educational institution, and the design features of the building will be taken into account. In the autumn-winter period, the event is recommended to be held indoors, and in the spring-summer period, it is recommended to hold it outdoors.

The Ministry of Education also said that a banner group would be formed to hold the flag-raising ceremony. Students with various educational and extracurricular achievements will go to it. The standard also describes the procedure for flying the flag, hoisting it and lowering it.

Classes that do not take part in the ceremony, the teacher at the first lesson will inform about the composition of the banner group. A weekly calendar of memorable dates of local and national significance will also be announced. In addition, it is recommended to perform a short version of the Russian national anthem simultaneously with the participants of the ceremony at the “Smirno” stand.

In early June, the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov announced that signed the flag-raising standard and singing the anthem in schools. Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the initiative of the Ministry of Education, but noted that the idea should be implemented with dignity. Russian Government will allocate 970.92 million rubles to the regions. for the purchase of state symbols for schools: flags, coats of arms, hymns on various media. Funds will be received by 31 regions.

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