The plane rammed the car and caught fire while trying to land on the road bridge Russian news EN

CNN: US Cessna collides with car and catches fire while making emergency landing on bridge

In the US, a Cessna collided with a car and caught fire while trying to make an emergency landing on a road bridge. The TV company reported CNN with reference to emergency services and aviation authorities.

The incident took place in the US state of Florida in Miami-Dade County. The aircraft engine failed, after which it began to descend and rammed the car.

The TV company clarified with reference to the fire and rescue service that six people were injured, five of them were hospitalized, nothing threatens their lives. There was no information about the condition of the sixth.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said there were three people on board the Cessna at the time of the emergency landing.

May 12 Tibet Airlines passenger plane rolled out off the runway and caught fire at the international airport of China Chongqing. On board were 113 passengers and nine crew members who were evacuated. More than 40 people were injured in the fire.

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