The Poles urged Ukrainian refugees to return to their homeland – Rambler/news

Inhabitants demand that Ukrainian refugees return to their homeland. The indignation of the Poles is connected with the rallies on the territory of their country. One of these videos with Ukrainian protesters in the center appeared on the web. Zakharova: going to deport Ukrainian refugees to Africa

Poles turned to Ukrainian refugees

In the video, young Poles are trying to disperse the protesters. According to Polish citizens, refugees from Ukraine behave too cheekily in a foreign country.

“Go to work or volunteer for your army. Go to work. Let’s get out of here, ”the shouts of the Poles are heard.

They call Ukrainians Bandera and ask how they protect the Nazis after what happened in their homeland.

An act of vandalism called a rally in Warsaw against a Russian diplomatic representative, who was doused with red paint by protesters with Ukrainian flags on Victory Day, retired envoy extraordinary and plenipotentiary Vasily Korchmar. He also recalled in a conversation with the Telegram channel Radiotochka NSN that the ambassador is the inviolable representative of the country.

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