The President of Finland appreciated Russia’s reaction to the country’s accession to NATO Russian news EN

President Niiniste called Russia’s restrained reaction to Finland’s accession to NATO

Russia’s reaction to Finland’s decision to join NATO turned out to be tighter than expected. About it, evaluating the reaction MoscowPresident Sauli Niiniste said at a press conference in Helsinkihe is quoted TASS.

According to the head of state, much remains uncertain in relations between Moscow and Helsinki. Niiniste believes that Finland’s decision to join NATO will undoubtedly change the country’s relationship with Russia.

The President of Finland did not see at the moment Russia’s preparations for military actions as a response to joining the North Atlantic Alliance.

The fact that Finland has officially decided to join NATO, Niinista reported on Sunday, May 15th. The head of state said that he made a similar decision together with the committee on foreign policy and security. The President called the event historic, emphasizing that the country will be responsible for the security of NATO.

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