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Political scientist Kortunov considered it unnecessary to deploy NATO infrastructure in the countries of the bloc

After joining Helsinki and Stockholm in NATO placement of the block infrastructure on the territory of the countries is optional. The probability of the appearance in Finland and Sweden of the military and weapons of the North Atlantic Alliance in a conversation with was assessed by the Director General of the Russian Council on International Affairs Andrey Kortunov.

Scandinavian model

According to him, there is a conditional Scandinavian model of participation in NATO. It implies certain restrictions on the activities of the bloc on the territory of member countries from Northern Europe.

“The most classic example is Norway, which was one of the founders of NATO, has been a member of the bloc since 1949, but at the same time, entry was accompanied by very serious restrictions regarding infrastructure, foreign troops in the country, and joint exercises. This, in a sense, applies to other countries of Northern Europe – Iceland, Denmark. But here everything depends on the specific situation that develops for certain countries. If you look at the same Norway, we see that against the backdrop of a change in the general international situation, Norway has become more favorable towards NATO activities on its territory, in the zone of its territorial waters, ”said the political scientist.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions

Much will depend on how the situation in Europe as a whole and in the North of Europe in particular will develop, Andrey Kortunov is sure.

It is hard to imagine that Finland and Sweden will be pushed towards deeper integration into various projects of the North Atlantic Alliance. Much depends on how firm these countries are in defending their interests, how willing they are to show restraint on issues that may worry Russia.

Andrey Kortunovpolitical scientist

The countries participating in the bloc have no obligation to deploy NATO forces. The states themselves can choose the formats in which they will interact with other members of the alliance, the political scientist noted.

“There is a classic example with Turkey. When the American intervention in Iraq began, Turkey did not allow the United States to take full advantage of the military infrastructure that NATO deployed on the territory of this country. Some pressure arises in the event of a conflict, but we see that there are disagreements in NATO, and remembering the same Iraqi incident, there was a split in general, ”the specialist recalled.

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Sweden and Finland meet in NATO

May 15 Stockholm and Helsinki officially announced plans to join the North Atlantic Alliance. Both states maintained a neutral status for many years.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin declaredthat it will not endanger the state. He emphasized that Moscow there are no problems with the governments of Finland and Sweden.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia released announcement of Sweden’s plans to join NATO. The department noted that the choice of ways to ensure security is an internal affair of any state. They also warned that Moscow would take retaliatory steps, which would depend on the conditions for the country’s integration into a military bloc.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan declaredthat will not approve the entry of Finland and Sweden into the North Atlantic Alliance. According to him, delegations of countries should not bother to travel to Ankarato convince Turkey.

The issue of these states joining NATO began to be discussed after Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine.

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