The process of deporting Moroccans from Algerian detention centers to Morocco continues

The process of deporting Moroccan detainees stuck in Algerian prisons to Morocco continues; Dozens of them are expected to leave for Morocco across the border separating the two countries in the coming hours.

According to the site’s knowledge, a number of detainees in the Ouargla prison, located between the Libyan-Algerian border in southern Algeria, were deported to the city of Oran, with the intention of deporting them to Morocco this evening.

This news was confirmed by Fatima Al-Zahra Al-Idrissi Boughanpour, a human rights activist at the Moroccan Center for Human Rights, in her interview with “Al-Youm 24”, noting that she had received calls from one of the Moroccan detainees who confirmed to her the news of his deportation to Morocco tonight, after repeated calls by these migrants calling The Moroccan government has to intervene in order to deport them to Morocco due to the ill-treatment they are subjected to from the neighboring authorities.

She added that a Moroccan minor among the Moroccan detainees trapped in Algerian prisons is still awaiting deportation among the remaining Moroccan detainees in Algerian prisons, after a request for support received by the center from the aforementioned minor’s mother.

In the same context, the same human rights advocate reported that at the end of last week, nearly 100 Moroccans who were detained in Algerian prisons were deported, expressing her thanks to the Moroccan Consul in Algeria, after his interaction with the detainees’ appeals, as well as the cooperation of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior.





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