The rate of spread of COVID-19 in the world increased for the first time since March

Omicron can cause neurocovid and systemic inflammation
© Sergey Kiselev / Moskva Agency

Experts register an increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection in the world after almost seven weeks of decline. At the same time, mortality among patients diagnosed with COVID-19 is still declining.

During the period from May 7 to 13, about 3.4 million infections were registered in the world. This is about 0.2 million more than in the previous week, reports TASS.

The number of deaths for four weeks does not reach 20 thousand people. In total, from May 7 to May 13, experts recorded about 10.6 thousand deaths. This is 2.8 thousand less than in the previous similar period.

In terms of the number of deaths from coronavirus over the past week, the United States is in first place (more than 1.5 thousand people). Then follows Germany (about 1 thousand people).

In Russia, the federal operational headquarters for the day on May 14 registered 5047 new cases of coronavirus infectionthe number of hospitalizations per day was 2498. 7378 people recovered per day, 107 died.

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