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Izvestia: The Public Chamber found the existing traffic rules difficult

The existing rules of the road (SDA) are difficult to understand. About it write “News”.

The publication refers to the experts who spoke during the round table organized by Public Chamber. In particular, according to the Moscow region Ministry of Transport, 35 percent of the perpetrators of an accident, justifying their actions, refer to non-existent traffic rules. In addition, it is noted that since 2013, 39 packages of amendments have been introduced in the rules of the road, containing more than 120 innovations.

One example was the roundabout. Head of the Strategic Traffic Optimization Department, TsODD Moscow Andrey Mukhortikov drew attention to the fact that drivers often do not know how to drive a circle correctly, since in the traffic rules this item is worded “difficult and tricky.”

Earlier it became known that the Public Chamber start collection of proposals for amendments to the SDA. In turn, from the speech of the head of the Scientific Center for Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Mitroshin It follows that at present there are no reasons for a radical revision of the SDA, but this does not exclude the possibility of collecting proposals for future changes.

June 11th Russian government supported bill to improve road safety. The Cabinet explained that the development of a document providing for amendments to Articles 25 and 26 of the relevant federal law, “is dictated by the need to improve safety by ensuring the availability of the necessary knowledge and skills for persons obtaining the right to drive vehicles.”

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