The Russian Foreign Ministry warned of a response if the EU restricts the issuance of visas to Russians

schengen visa european union

On Saturday, May 14, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Grushko spoke on this score. If the countries of the European Union (EU) impose restrictions on the issuance of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation, then Moscow will react accordingly to this step.

“It is clear that we will react and such discriminatory measures are unacceptable for us. Therefore, we will find a way to respond,” Alexander Grushko noted. His words reports RIA Novosti.

In early April, Grushko announced that there was a possibility for the European Union to make a decision to limit the issuance of visas to Russians. According to him, such a move is quite likely against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions. The restrictions adopted in relation to Moscow “contradict the foundations on which these (Western. – Note Profile.Ru) states stand,” the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

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