The Russian Geographical Society accepts applications for the collection of data on the state of nature

The Russian Geographical Society invites scientists and researchers to apply for the collection of data necessary to study the state of nature in different regions of Russia. On the portal of the Russian Geographical Society “The World Around” it became possible to leave a request for information on seasonal phenomena, as well as samples and materials for scientific work.

You can get data on the first snow, freeze-up, the appearance of leaves, flowering of plants, the arrival of birds and hibernation of animals, as well as collect soil, water or snow samples throughout the country. Requests from researchers are accepted and displayed in section “Collecting materials”. Any interested person, specialist or volunteer can see the application and respond to it. And vice versa, everyone can offer their help in collecting data in the area of ​​their residence, travel or expedition.

– The emergence of a new function on the portal of the Russian Geographical Society “The World Around” will help scientists quickly receive the missing data and materials for their research, allowing them to devote more time to analyzing samples and writing scientific articles. For a volunteer, the project is a great opportunity to communicate with scientists and participate in real scientific research. New opportunities of the project will help schoolchildren to better orient themselves in choosing their future professional activity, – stressed the director of the Department for Youth Work of the Russian Geographical Society Anton Yurmanov.

Today, the portal “The World Around” is one of the largest domestic open databases on nature, biodiversity and phenological changes. Recall that, in addition to the desktop version, since August 2022, users have access to mobile application “The world around the Russian Geographical Society”which works like Androidso on iOS.

In Russia, observations of seasonal changes in nature have been carried out for more than 170 years. The first data collection program in Eastern Europe for amateur naturalists was established by the Russian Geographical Society as early as 1848. Currently, phenologists-observers are volunteers throughout Russia.

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