The Russian woman described the hospitality of the Indians with the phrase “this is not necessary and for free” Russian news EN

Blogger Marina Ershova visited India and compared the apartment of a local resident with a pigsty

Russian travel blogger Marina Ershova visited the Indian Shimla city and unpleasantly surprised by the condition of the houses of local residents. She shared her impressions in a personal blog on the platform. “Yandex.Zen”.

Shimla is a popular tourist city located in the foothills of the Himalayas. Here, the traveler decided to stay for free in the apartment of a local resident through couchsurfing. As a result, she described the hospitality with the phrase “this is not necessary and for free.” According to her, the housing already seemed untidy from the threshold – the floor was dirty, the kitchen was “killed in the trash”, and there was someone’s hair in the toilet.

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“We changed our slippers, he gave us a tour, and I’m thinking how not ashamed to show us this miserable apartment? Such a mess! ”, She said and compared the apartment with a pigsty.

She also said that the owner of the apartment offered her to sleep on a dirty bed with greasy blankets, and as a treat brought a rotten melon on unwashed dishes. Among other things, the Russian woman was outraged that the Hindu only let her sleep until five in the morning, after which he asked for help with cleaning.

Earlier in June, the same blogger got indignant criticism of the appearance of Russian women, which she heard from her Indian acquaintances. According to her, Indian women consider the facial features of Russian women to be insufficiently expressive without makeup. For example, the interlocutors hinted that Russian women have thin lips and eyebrows, dull hair and pale skin.

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