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It is forbidden to store food in wheelchair-type apartment buildings

Explosive objects and foodstuffs must not be left in the premises of apartment buildings where wheelchairs are placed. The list of things prohibited for storage there was named by lawyers, reports RIA News.

Wheelchairs are at the disposal of all residents, so access to them cannot be littered. By law, owners can store wheelchairs there or jointly allow bicycles, sleds, scooters and similar items to be left. However, it is forbidden to leave food, tires, building materials, explosive items and large objects in wheelchairs. Otherwise, residents will violate fire safety rules and complicate access to wheelchairs.

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Experts stressed that a wheelchair should be conceived at the stage of building a house. It is impossible to remake another part of the entrance under it – due to a possible violation of fire safety standards, the courts will be obliged to remove the makeshift premises. The placement of other things in wheelchairs can lead to proceedings with neighbors, if it has not been agreed with other residents.

In January 2022, the Russians explainedthat, according to fire regulations, it is forbidden to store fuels and lubricants on the balcony. The list included heavy furniture and massive household appliances. Owners are also prohibited from installing air conditioners without fastening to the facade.

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