The Russians explained the main cause of accidents with electric scooters Russian news EN

The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the reason for half of the accidents with electric scooters is their sudden appearance

Scientific Center for Road Safety Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia explained the main cause of accidents involving electric scooters. As noted in the information and analytical review, half of the causes of accidents are the sudden appearance on the road and low visibility in the traffic flow. TASS.

The majority of road traffic accidents involving personal mobility aids involve young people. 43 percent of those affected are people aged 20 to 34. Ages 35 and over account for 28.7 percent of the total.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 76 percent of accidents involving electric scooters and 55 percent of those killed in them were registered during daylight hours.

In total, 627 accidents involving personal mobility aids occurred in Russia in 2021, 68 percent more than a year earlier. As a result of incidents, 20 people died, 704 people were injured.

Earlier in Federation Council suggested Ministry of Internal Affairs to introduce OSAGO for electric scooters. The senators also called for limiting the maximum speed of vehicles and separating them into personal and commercial vehicles.

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