The Russians were reminded that it is impossible to store in wheelchairs

Apartment house
©Moskva Agency

In the premises of apartment buildings, where strollers are usually left, explosive objects, as well as food, cannot be placed. The list of things prohibited for storage there was listed by lawyers.

Wheelchairs are at the disposal of all residents of the house, for this reason access to them is prohibited from littering. According to the law, the owners have the right to store strollers there or, by joint decision, allow the residents to leave bicycles, sledges, scooters and similar items, writes RIA Novosti.

But it is noted that it is forbidden to leave food, tires, as well as building materials, explosive items and bulky items in wheelchairs. Otherwise, residents will violate fire safety rules, as well as complicate access to wheelchairs.

Lawyers pay attention to the fact that a wheelchair must be planned at the stage of building a house. Under it, you should not redo the other part of the entrance – due to a likely violation of fire safety standards, the courts will oblige you to remove the makeshift premises. In addition, the placement of extraneous things in wheelchairs often leads to proceedings with neighbors, if it has not been agreed with other residents.

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