The Russians were told about the increase in wages tied to the minimum wage Russian news EN

“Prime”: the income of Russians with a salary in the amount of the minimum wage will increase from July 1

CROS HR Director Dmitry Dudarev told the Russians about the increase in salaries tied to the minimum wage (SMIC), in an interview with the agency “Prime”.

Dudarev recalled that in June the minimum wage in Russia increased by 10 percent and now amounts to 15,279 rubles. Therefore, companies that set salaries for their employees with reference to this indicator will be required to review them.

At the same time, the regional, “northern” coefficients and the allowance for the length of service are not included in the minimum wage, but are charged in excess of it, the expert noted. The monthly salary must not be lower than this indicator, while the salary may be less than the minimum wage. “In this case, the employer has the right not to change the structure of payments to employees,” he explained.

If the salary is equal to the minimum wage, then there are several options for changing the salary. If the allowance remains the same, then the total income will increase by the difference in the increase in the minimum wage. “If the employer can regulate the size of the allowance unilaterally, then the allowance can be reduced in proportion to the increase in the minimum wage, and the total amount of the payroll of the company will not change,” Dudarev added. At the same time, both the salary and the allowance will increase when the allowance is set as a percentage of the salary.

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