The specialist explained which watermelons and melons are better not to buy


Melon shops opened in the capital. In 2022, there are more than 200 of them in the city. Specialist of the Moscow State Inspectorate for the Quality of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food (MosGIK) Elena Pavlova told how to choose delicious fruits, and which watermelons and melons are better to refrain from buying.

According to the expert, it is important that the fruits do not lie on the ground or on the floor. But the region where watermelons or melons were brought from does not really matter, reports RIA News. The modern variety of varieties makes it possible to grow gourds even in the Moscow region. Their taste and quality are also not affected by the size of the fruit, since each variety has its own characteristics.

“It is not recommended to buy watermelons and melons that are cracked, crushed, rotten and rotten, affected by diseases and pests, overripe or unripe,” Pavlova points out. She advises buying cut fruits only if you are sure that sanitary conditions are observed. In addition, they deteriorate quickly.

It is possible to distinguish a mature fruit from an unripe one by a number of external signs. “An unripe watermelon has a matte surface, a juicy stalk and an unfaded tendril; when struck with a bent finger, the sound is sonorous,” says the MosGIK specialist. Overripe watermelons are usually recognizable by their lighter pattern and bark color. When choosing a melon, you need to pay attention to how its bark smells. A good ripe melon will have a delicate, pleasant, sweetish aroma. It should not have a hint of mold.

To avoid adverse consequences, Rospotrebnadzor experts recommend buying gourds only in specially designated places. The department’s experts do not recommend purchasing watermelons and melons in unidentified places of trade, especially on spontaneous stalls along highways. There are also other rules.

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