The State Duma announced the strengthening of the intervention of the G7 in the internal affairs of Russia Russian news EN

Deputy Piskarev pointed to the increased interference of the G7 countries in the internal affairs of Russia

Commission Chairman State Duma to investigate the facts of interference of foreign states in the internal affairs of Russia Vasily Piskarev in his Telegramchannel announced the imposition of the countries of the Group of Seven (G7) of their ideas about democracy.

The deputy pointed to the increased interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation by Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Great Britain and the United States. He noted that the meeting, as a result of which the G7 foreign ministers decided to increase sanctions pressure on Russia, confirms the need to improve legislation to protect the country’s sovereignty.

“The Seven also undertakes to protect the “information environment from foreign information manipulation and interference.” This obviously means further strengthening of censorship and the cleansing of the Western information space and social networks from Russian media and any opinions that diverge from the “general line”. Such is “democracy”,” Piskarev wrote.

Former G7 leaders declared about the intention to “prevent victory” of Russia in Ukraine. The states expressed their readiness to “continue the fight” for the sake of the people of Ukraine, Europe and the world community.

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