The State Duma called the mobilized Ukrainians “numerous cannon fodder” Russian news EN

The State Duma called a million future mobilized Ukrainians “numerous cannon fodder”

A million Ukrainians, whose plans to mobilize official Kyiv announced, will be of little use for combat operations due to lack of military experience. This point of view was expressed by Alexander Borodai, Deputy Head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots, informs on Saturday, May 14, the radio station “Moscow Speaks”.

“The Ukrainian army is fighting with cannon fodder. Quite objectively, directly meat – so raw, incapacitated, but very numerous, ”he said.

According to him, now Ukrainians are being recruited into the army with a promise to pay three thousand dollars each, as a result of which the flow of applicants “does not dry up yet.”

“They really hope that they will reach the Orel region, Voronezh, you see, and Moscow. And here they will rob, take out banks, drag all refrigerators and TVs to their place in western Ukraine, and in general will be slave-rulers, as they say. These naive hopes crumble very quickly when it comes to the front line, and they understand that they need to fight, ”said the parliamentarian.

Former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleg Reznikov declared about plans to increase the number of military personnel of the former Soviet republic involved in hostilities to one million people. According to him, the escalation of the conflict “provoked an explosive growth in defense needs”, for which Ukraine “was not fully prepared for this.”

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