The State Duma proposed to automatically give Russian citizenship to those who speak Russian

Russian passport

This initiative was made by a State Duma deputy, a member of the Committee on Budget and Taxes Yevgeny Fedorov. From his point of view, this method will give impetus to the growth of the country’s population.

Proposal to automatically give Russian citizenship to Russian speakers Fedorov voiced in an interview with the radio station “Moscow speaking”. “It is necessary to turn on the Russian historical mechanisms of identity, the so-called Russification. The essence of this mechanism is that any person who speaks Russian from birth is considered Russian and, accordingly, should automatically receive citizenship,” the State Duma deputy is sure.

He also added that in this case it is not necessary to collect additional documents to obtain citizenship. In this matter, the main role will be played by the fact that for a person the Russian language is native since childhood.

Obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation is a laborious process, accompanied by many nuances. In particular, adult foreigners and stateless persons who have been living in Russia with a residence permit for at least five years can apply for it. Citizenship can be applied for by people who have special merits to the Russian Federation, as well as citizens of the countries of the former USSR.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, more than 141,000 foreigners received Russian citizenship between January and March 2022. This is 12% less than in 2021.

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