The State Duma revealed details about the indexation of pensions Russian news EN

State Duma deputy Bessarab promised indexation of payments to all pensioners in 2022

Committee member State Duma Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Svetlana Bessarab spoke about the upcoming indexation of payments for pensioners. About this she reported in an interview with

Bessarab revealed details about the indexation of payments and promised it to all pensioners in 2022. She stated that these changes should be expected, since the order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin done. The government was instructed to introduce appropriate initiatives to index social payments, pensions, benefits before April 20, so the decision will be made.

“The percentage is difficult to predict because the inflation figures change. For the first quarter it was 9.95 percent, but now I can’t say what percentage the change will be, but it’s clear that it will be. The President has repeatedly stressed that the fight against poverty is a top priority, no matter what the circumstances,” the deputy stressed.


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