The State Duma spoke about the “power of the dollar” in the “collection of tribute” to the United States from other countries Russian news EN

State Duma Deputy Fedorov said that the United States strengthens the dollar through sanctions

Deputy State DumaMember of the Committee on Budget and Taxes Evgeny Fedorov in an interview with toldthat the dollar for the United States has more of a political component than an economic one, and explained on what basis Washington is taking this or that step.

According to him, the virtuality of the US currency is 70 percent. He explained that one quarter of the dollar is its material part, and everything else is the imposed political power of the United States.

“And it’s for the whole world, and it’s worth a dollar. And when they impose sanctions on us, they strengthen their dollar. Yes, they spend something on it, but at the same time they win more by strengthening their dollar and their economic leadership, that is, the right to collect tribute from other countries – let’s call a spade a spade, ”said the deputy.

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