The story of a young man of short stature: I started my project with 500 dirhams and received exceptional support from people (+video)

Young Abdel Fattah, who is famous on social media, started his simple seasonal project to sell lemon juice in Agadir, with a small capital not exceeding 500 dirhams.

Abdel-Fattah considers that disability and physical disability are often a direct reason for not obtaining a stable job, which is over his twenties, which prompted him to think about seasonal activities that provide his daily food, relying on the help of his friends, and his fame as a content maker on “Facebook”. and Instagram.

The speaker directed his message to young people of short stature, not to be vulnerable to unemployment, as most of them are affected by society’s view of them, calling on them to overcome the unemployment situation and to think of alternative solutions, even if temporary, to provide for their daily needs, instead of waiting for an employment opportunity or stable work.

The young man meets every day with his followers at the site he chose to install his table on plastic boxes that he uses to display bottles of lemonade.

The popular neighborhoods know every month of Ramadan, the emergence of a number of seasonal occupations, including the sale of chebakia and dates, juices, dairy and other foods that attract fasting hours before breakfast time.

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