The stylist showed an easy way to fit the pants to the figure: Style: Values:

Stylist Amy Catrianne showed how to fit trousers with a stapler

Stylist Amy Catrianne showed me an easy way to fit pants with a stapler. Her publication on social networks drew attention to the publication The Sun.

In the footage, the girl poses in pants that are large in her waist. Then she puts them on back to front and evenly grabs the excess fabric with her fingers in two places for a better fit. After that, the user pierces the folded sections with a gun for marking clothes. It is noted that the corresponding device was purchased for 5.69 pounds (450 rubles) on Amazon. “Make sure you pierce through the fabric and be careful with your fingers,” she said.

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Katriann’s video scored more than 14 thousand likes and impressed the subscribers. “We use this gun all the time in retail! They save lives”, “God, I need to buy this”, “Where has he been all my life?” they commented.

Earlier in May blogger showed an easy way to fit a dress to your figure in a few seconds. As reported in the material, many women are often forced to sew in the dress they like, which does not fit them in size. A user with the nickname serendipesi decided to share a method that will allow you to quickly reduce the size of a dress without using a sewing kit.

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