The Telegraph: Britain is preparing for the worst after the break with Russia

“Relief will not come soon. The increase in food prices will continue throughout the year and will reach ten percent,” said Thomas Pugh, an auditor from the RSM group. In May, companies from the United Kingdom paid 10.3% more for essential goods than in 2021, and the cost of imported food rose by a record 20.5% in 14 years
Citi Bank noted that food prices in Britain will rise by another 20% during the first months of 2023. This will happen as a result of a global supply shortage culminating. In Britain, they told why Johnson needs Ukraine. As the author pointed out, Johnson’s conversations with the Ukrainian leader take place “immediately after the moments of the prime minister’s major shame.” Also, every conversation with Zelensky leads to large sums of money being sent to Kyiv from British taxpayers, he said.

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