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Political scientist Grashchenkov: it is impossible to predict the deployment of nuclear weapons in Finland, Sweden

The main political issue will be the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of Finland and Sweden in the event of their entry into NATO. Now it is impossible to predict. So commented the director of the Center for the Development of Regional Policy Ilya Grashchenkov statement Russian Foreign Ministry on the response to the entry of Finland and Sweden into the North Atlantic Alliance. In a conversation with, he assessed the threat from a possible entry.

Joining NATO

The accession of Finland and Sweden to the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) will not remain without political reaction. About it declared Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Alexander Grushko. The diplomat promised that the decision on the reaction would not be made on emotions, as a thorough and verified analysis of all factors would follow.

Sweden and Finland are still different countries in terms of both military forces and economy

Ilya Grashchenkovpolitical scientist

“Participation in NATO is quite diverse: for some it is a burden, for others, on the contrary, it is support. Sweden is not as interested in financial strengthening as Finland. And Finland is less militarized, so it needs more support,” Grashchenkov said.

The political scientist is sure that it is now difficult to assess what will happen to nuclear weapons in countries if NATO joins.

“For Sweden and Finland, protection in the form of non-aggression guarantees is the most important issue. Therefore, from a strategic point of view, this should inevitably be discussed as a reason for these countries to join such an uneasy alliance,” he said.

Nuclear weapon

Ilya Grashchenkov recalled that the issue of nuclear weapons was raised in the middle of the last century.

“It is difficult to assess the unexpectedly resurrected ghost of the late 50s and early 60s of the nuclear controversy. And if then such technology was available only to superpowers that could spend money, today it has become more accessible. The number of countries with nuclear weapons is growing in the world. Therefore, all these dialogues are an attempt to determine one’s place in the world. And NATO is trying to draw the boundaries of influence,” the political scientist concluded.

I would like to remind you that nuclear weapons are a political dialogue. In general, this is not about war, but on the contrary, about deterring large-scale wars

Ilya Grashchenkovpolitical scientist

Earlier it became known that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted on the possible accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO. He emphasized that Ankara does not consider such a decision to be a positive development of events.
At the same time, new countries can be accepted into NATO only with the unanimous approval of the members of the Alliance.

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