The United States admitted its guilt for the start of the conflict in Ukraine

USA and their allies in NATO provoked a conflict Ukrainetherefore bear full responsibility for his disasters. This was stated by an American political scientist John Mearsheimer.

The United States admitted its guilt for the start of the conflict in Ukraine

“The United States and its NATO allies played a decisive role in the events that led to the war in Ukraine and are now playing a central role in this confrontation,” said John Mearsheimer, reports the National Interest.

He clarified that American allies bear some responsibility for the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis, but basically they follow the example of Washington.

The political scientist emphasized that the fault of the United States is that they promoted such a policy towards Ukraine that the Kremlin assesses as an existential threat, about which Russian politicians have repeatedly warned over the years.

“In particular, I am referring to the American obsession to bring Ukraine into NATO and turn it into a stronghold of the West on the border with Russia. Administration [президента США Джо] Biden did not want to eliminate this threat through diplomacy, ”he said.

Mearsheimer also added that Washington has redoubled its aggressive stance against Russia after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, which confirms the thesis that the United States is not interested in finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

“At the same time, Ukraine, which has already suffered greatly, will suffer even more,” the expert concluded.

special operation on the territory of Ukraine, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced February 24. As the head of state stated, its main goals are denazification and demilitarization.

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