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RBC: US ​​university professors called Ukraine’s refusal of Russian literature absurd

US university professors called Ukraine’s rejection of Russian literature absurd. Their words lead RBC.

Konstantin Muravnik, senior lecturer in the Department of Slavic Languages ​​and Literature at Yale University, noted that Russian literature is much smaller in volume, but at the same time it is neither more complicated nor simpler than European literature. At the same time, it is “the pearl of all world literature.” He was also surprised that Andriy Vitrenko, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, “has such a low opinion of the abilities of his own youth.”

Valentina Pichugina, Senior Lecturer of the Russian Language at the Department of Slavic Languages ​​and Literature at the University of Chicago, expressed surprise at Vitrenko’s words about the “heaviness” of Russian literature. “Our students study Russian literature and language with great interest, and when someone lacks vocabulary or knowledge about the cultural and historical context, they replenish this vocabulary and acquire knowledge. Learn,” she explained.

Natalya Pokrovskaya, who taught at the Faculty of Slavic Languages ​​and Literature Harvard University in 1985-2022, called the decision of the Ukrainian authorities absurd. According to her, “the emotions behind such decisions are understandable.” However, she stressed that the classics of Russian literature have nothing to do with the current situation.

June 20 Andrey Vitrenko declaredthat “heavy” Russian literature will be excluded from the programs of schools and universities in Ukraine. According to him, the country must part with the “heavy legacy of the Russian Empire for Ukrainians.”

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