The United States explained the supply of more powerful weapons to Ukraine Russian news EN

The White House explained the supply of more powerful weapons to Ukraine by “changing the nature of the fighting”

The United States is supplying more powerful weapons to Ukraine due to the changing nature of hostilities. This was stated by the coordinator for strategic communications at the White House National Security Council. John Kirbytransmits TASS.

He noted that the transfer Kyiv weapons are carried out “not for the sake of escalating” the conflict. “As war changes and evolves, and war must change and evolve, our contribution also changes and evolves,” the official said.

On June 23, it became known that the United States allocate A tranche of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $450 million. Ukraine will receive new HIMARS MLRS, tens of thousands of shells for artillery systems, as well as patrol boats “to help Ukraine protect its coast and waterways.”

According to the White House, the total amount of American military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the special operation amounted to $6.1 billion.

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