The United States predicted the consequences of improving relations between Israel and the Arab world Russian news EN

Intelligence agencies warned the White House about the threat of terrorism in the US and the Middle East

Intelligence officers from US Department of Homeland Security back in October 2020, they warned the White House that the improvement and normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab world could lead to a surge in terrorist threats both in the Middle East and on American soil. The corresponding document was distributed among officials of the administration of the former US president. Donald Trumpand currently available in public access.

“Long-standing terrorist grievances are very likely to be exacerbated by Israel’s normalization of relations with the two Gulf states,” reads the opening of the analysis, which predicted the future consequences of these developments. The document also says not only about the increase in security risks, but also about the fact that the United States is forced to respond to any signs of destabilization of the region due to previous foreign policy agreements.

It is assumed that the document is made available to the public in anticipation of visit president Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia in order to demonstrate the heterogeneity of the US military and intelligence apparatus.

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