The United States presented a strategy to combat the circumvention of anti-Russian sanctions

US sanctions
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The US Department of the Treasury has developed a National Strategy to Combat Terrorist and Other Illegal Financing. The document was published on Friday, May 13th.

The strategy provides for a set of measures to combat various financial violations. Among them, the US authorities also include attempts to circumvent the sanctions imposed on Russian individuals and legal entities, reports RIA Novosti.

Its developers called the goals of the document to increase the efficiency of identifying sanctioned assets “hidden” in the United States and increase the transparency of financial activities related to offshore companies, as well as counteracting “all forms of illegal financing.”

To achieve these goals, it is necessary to “adapt to the changing threat environment, as well as structural and technological changes in the financial services industry in order to succeed in this critical struggle,” the US Department of the Treasury said.

Earlier, the White House announced its intention to ensure the adoption of measures to prevent companies or others from circumventing sanctionsalready introduced by the US authorities. Washington discussed this topic with the leaders of the G7 (G7) and representatives of official Kyiv.

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