The US called a way to convince Turkey to open the Black Sea for NATO Russian news EN

The Hill: Biden must convince Erdogan to open the Black Sea to NATO ships

Washington must persuade Ankara open the Black Sea for ships NATOto strengthen the alliance. The corresponding statement was made by columnist Seth Cropsey in an article for an American newspaper. The Hill.

According to the journalist, the President of the United States Joe Biden must compromise and recognize the interests of the Turkish colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan. To do this, Cropsey offered the US to sell the Western military technology needed by Turkey. This will strengthen the North Atlantic alliance and persuade Turkey to lift its veto on Finland and Sweden joining it, the observer believes.

“The states need not only to bribe the Asia Minor state, but also to ask it in return for access to the Black Sea. This would be a step towards escalation and undermining Erdogan’s diplomatic role in Russian-Ukrainian relations, but thanks to such a decision, the bloc will receive a huge strategic advantage, ”the journalist said.

May 19 Turkey reported NATO on Intention to Say “No” to Accession Stockholm and Helsinki to the alliance. Ankara also put forward conditions for approving the entry of Sweden and Finland into the alliance. Among them are the extradition of members of the PKK, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization, as well as the termination of its support.

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