The US will help Finland and Sweden if they are attacked before joining NATO

John Kirby

Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby

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Washington will be able to provide support to Finland and Sweden if they need it before joining NATO. This was announced on Sunday, May 15, by the press secretary of the US Department of Defense, John Kirby, in an interview with the BBC.

However, Kirby noted that he did not want to discuss hypothetical possibilities, since there were no reasons for them. However, he added that Finland and Sweden have modern military forces that the US is comfortable cooperating with.

“If during the period of their application and the process of joining NATO they need any additional [военные] opportunities or support, then we in the United States are confident that we have the level of relations with both countries that will allow them to provide it,” the Pentagon spokesman said.

Kirby also acknowledged that the statements that are made on the issue of accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, including by the Russian Federation, cause concern. The official noted that all of them will be seriously studied, but it is not for Moscow to decide who becomes NATO allies.

The discussion on the entry of Finland and Sweden into the alliance intensified in April. The core members of NATO supported this idea. Earlier, the deputy secretary general of the alliance, Mircea Geoana, stated that the issue of membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO is likely to be resolved positivelyif the relevant applications from these countries still arrive.

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