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True Crime Daily: Stephanie Tuell from USA shot her husband and said she had no remorse

A resident of the United States killed her husband because of the children and said she had no remorse. About it informs True Crime Daily.

On Saturday, June 18, the emergency services of the city of Odessa, Texas, received a message that a shooting had occurred in one of the houses along North Tom Green Street. Arriving at the scene, police officers found that the victim of the attack was 58-year-old Joe Abril. The man was shot in the chest and back of the head and was taken to hospital, where he later died.

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Abril’s wife, 37, was detained on charges of a crime Stephanie Tuell. Giving testimony under oath, the woman admitted that she had shot her husband, but refused to repent. “I wish I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not. No one will offend my children, ”she said.

According to Oxygen, the woman herself called at 911 and met the police on the porch of the house. In a conversation with the dispatcher, the American said that she shot Abril after she “caught him doing something,” however, what exactly the man did is unclear, as the journalists were provided with an edited version of the report.

Tuell is currently imprisoned. She has been charged with murder and assigned bail of $100,000 (5.3 million rubles). The investigation is ongoing.

Previously reportedthat a resident of the United States found her lover with a rival and killed him on the spot. The woman tracked down the unfaithful spouse and then ran over his car.

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